Breaking Bad Habits

I am starting day 6 of being Diet Coke free!  I honestly can’t remember the last time I went this long without any diet soda. I’m really proud of myself but I know that the cravings are still there at times and will really start to creep up on me soon so I need to hold my head up and remind myself that I not only will survive without it, but my body will thrive without it!

I can’t believe how much Diet Coke was affecting my daily life.  It was making my TMJ worse!  I was told that high levels of caffeine can make the muscles in my jaw more tense and cause bad headaches.  I was taking Migraine meds for my head/jaw aches because regular Tylenol wasn’t cutting it. I felt terrible the first day that I stopped drinking it which was a huge indicator of just how addicted my body was.  After going through the initial detox, I haven’t had a headache and my jaw feels better!  I’m also drinking so much more water!  My body must be very happy with me because I know I was dehydrated.

Current Motivators: Lost 2.5 pounds so far, more energized, less bloated, upcoming vacation!


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