#LoveMe Challenge Day Nineteen

Something You feel strongly about

You know what I should be writing about something more touching than this but at the moment all I can see are those 3 words – You. Feel. strongly. 

I feel strongly that sometimes people need to mind their own business. Most of the time they need to shut their mouth. They need to realise that I don’t give a shit of what they think of me or my hair style. That making fun of me in front of people doesn’t make you look big and tough. That telling people only what you want them to know of a situation and not the whole truth actually makes you weak and spineless. That you have no control over my body and what I choose to do with it. That I have my own rights. That you won’t dictate to me what I will and will not do with my children. You won’t dictate when I return to work from maternity leave.

You know what? Who the hell are you to put pressure on me. To remind me every day of what you don’t have. Do you ever stop and think that maybe I want that more than anything? Do you ever think maybe instead of criticising and whinging that you should stop and think “Maybe there is more to the story. Or maybe I should just shut my mouth and leave them alone? Maybe if I stop asking, reminding, annoying her constantly she might have half a chance to even think about enjoying this next stage of life?” Maybe….maybe then a second stripe will appear and a negative will be a positive.

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