Entry 4 – Revision

This week,  I spent most of my time to do some revision for the upcoming examination that is two weeks from now. I have to put on so much effort in doing revisions.  I have read my lecture notes and transferred some of the notes into mindmap, so that, it will be easier to remember and to recall back the topics that I have read.

I have also done some study groups with my friends so that I can more understand regarding on the topics that I have learnt. I got information about the subjects I have learnt. I hope I can get flying colours in this PSPM1 and have a better result compared to UPS1.


Edited by Syahirah Masdan and Darshyna.

One thought on “Entry 4 – Revision”

  1. Hey Syu, please change the part where it says “more understand more”
    and you can’t say many information. Information already is in its plural form.

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