Shake It Off

Today I found myself letting a person get to me. This person really can just rub me the totally wrong way. As I sat allowing my blood pressure rise I found myself falling into a funk. That funky attitude stayed with me most of my morning until I realized that I was allowing this to control my emotions. One thing that I’m learning on this journey is to allow myself to be me and not allow others control me. I mean hell, it’s bad enough that I’m fighting to not allow the ex to have any control over my emotions. At a point I started feeling a lump grow in my throat because I knew I was letting something so trivial get to me. Was I going to let this one person have this affect me and to make it worse this person doesn’t even know it. I had to go to go outside take a big deep breath and jus let it go. At that moment I shook off the negative feeling and shook off the the way I felt about that person. At the end of the day all it really doesn’t matter and the actions of this person have no reflection on me. All I can do is focus on me and what the road has ahead. So today whatever is bothering you just shake it off.

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    I think that is exactly what I needed to hear on a day like today.

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