The word challenge has been around in my life a lot lately. The word “challenge” itself is such a strong word and envokes many emotions in me. Feel like lately I have had a lot of challenges brought in front of me, some hard and some just fun. The hard has probably been teaching me most. I truly believe God has placed these life challenges in front of me not to test me but show me how strong I am. Though everyday I question my strength I do know every single morning I get up and put on foot in front of the other all with a smile. Four weeks ago I didn’t know how was going live let alone breath another day. Tears filled my eyes non stop and I didn’t think they would ever stop but one day it did. My life had not ended and I am getting stronger everyday. Sometimes we all go through life just wondering if our challenges are some cruel joke handed our way but really that’s when we change. Everyday I feel like I’m getting stronger through this journey and taking on my challenges head on. So like the quote above if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you and I for one even if it scares me accept all challenges to come.

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