#LoveMe Challenge Day Twenty-One

Something You are proud of

So yes I was a day behind on my journal and have uploaded 2 #LoveMe Challenges today but here I am at Day 21.Today I am proud of standing by what I decided 21 days ago. That I would make changes to my life to be a better me. 21 days ago I woke up and knew I had to try something else. Thinking about it I often wonder if this road I am on should feel so bumpy…should it? There are ups and then there are downs. And the downs somehow feel so much longer than the ups. I wish the ups were longer than the downs. But hey, I’m still going so that is the main thing right?! Can you believe it? 21 days of me not on Facebook?? It’s absolutely obscene…to be honest I still think about it and cannot believe I have done this. It’s really strange how I don’t think about checking Facebook anymore, I don’t have any urges to flick through the newsfeed…none..nothing. What is interesting is how much people/society rely on networks like Facebook…sometimes I feel like I’m missing information about something only for people to say ‘Oh it was on Facebook’…I was thinking about it today and I’m not even sure how I used to fit in time to check Facebook…at the start I was just going to try to get to 21 days after I read an article about a ’21 Day Facebook Detox’….but I don’t want to go back yet. As for the control factor..I think about it in those extreme moments when I’ve relied on before and I’m looking for something. But I’ve never gone back. I’m scared of going back. I don’t want to let myself down. Could I say it would never happen again, like ever in my life??? I don’t know. Answering that question would be like standing at the bottom of the tallest mountain in the world and being told you have to climb to the top alone and without anything to keep you safe. The task feels so huge and you feel so insignificant. In the moment it just takes over but in the last 21 days I know I can be proud of myself for being good to me.

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