More to life

OOh its Tuesday night, so day 6 I think; we have had quite a good day;  Beloved Husband is not so breathless and we were able to try our hand at doing some tiling instead of waiting for others to do it. B.H. (Beloved) taught me how to grout. We have been pacing evrything.

I even found time to catch up on the washing that was building up. The washing machine wasn’t working properly and I found one five pence and one penny in the bit at the bottom, you know where the pump thingy is. So thats sixpence;  a good luck amount here in the UK!

Yesterday I went for a coffee near to where we live with a friend. It was a good time to sit and laugh and she taught me how to make a granny square. Been practicing using different colours – crotchet is very theraputic!

Our kitchen though is starting to look nice. I did have a fear it would look a little like a chippy, but the colours are starting to look okay now.

Yehhh…. OM OM OM.There is more to life than heart failure.



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