So Ryan and I are okay I guess, just wished people understand how important it is for him to get help and seek therapy for himself… I feel like other than family understands how important it is but no one pushes him to tell him have u been looking, cuz otherwise I know he wont look 😞 but maybe he will…. Or wont idk!! I’m super anxious for tomorrows appt. And because of work, I keep making mistakes and hallmark is super strict so they threaten to fire me all the time seriously everyday I’ve worked 😥😣☹ I miss Ryan and the old Ryan and how nice and sweet he was always caring and loving, but without the emotional cheating crap… If u want to look elsewhere then don’t be with me – thats why I’m scared he’s talking to others and hiding it…. All I want it honesty and faithfulness and kindness I feel like it ain’t alot to ask for! Hopefully he will change for the better and he will get to see the kids again 😞 but sucks having to do this for now! I miss him 💔

One thought on “anxious…..”

  1. That sounds really tough … in my personal experience after a situation like that I always wanted to believe … but how can you when the trust is gone (yes you still “trust” him bcs you love and miss him) but you will always be thinking of what else could be happening.

    Do you always want to be worrying? (I don’t mean to sound harsh)

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