DAY EIGHT: Kakistocracy

“Who is the Alpha, and what is made of cloth? How do you say you’re sorry and there’s nothing to be afraid of?”

I’m Not Done – Fever Ray


Eesh. Panic levels lowered. Phew.

This lead borrowed from SH works. I can make sounds on the go now. Beginning in the living room. Still, get away from the screen. Also, maybe I can run the output through an amp and jam with people with it. Leads needed. Needs Leaded.

What am I doing with music? I’m not sure. What is the end goal? Does there have to be one? Should I just make sound for sound’s sake? How do I share it? With who? I need a collaborator more than ever – or multiple part-time collaborators. Bring some kind of life to it all, so it’s not just my head ideas unloaded onto no one and nothing. I would like to talk to people about what I make in the same way the Song Exploder interviewees talk about their music, happy accidents and all. Perhaps find some collaborators. Search…

Kakistocracy: a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.

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