Entry 6- My Favourite Drama

I love to watch Korean drama.It is one of my hobby.One of my favourite dramas is Oh My Ghost!.This drama is directed by Yoo Je-Won. It has 16 episodes.The main actors are Jo Jung Suk as Kang Sun-Woo and Park Bo Young as Na Bong Sun.At first,I watch this movie because I am a fan of Jo Jung Suk.But,the plot of the drama is very addictive that make me fell in love with this drama.

Na Bong Sun works as an assistant chef.She is very timid and has low self-esteem.She is able to see ghost since she was young.One day,she is possesed by the virgin ghost,Shin Soon-Ae.Kang Sun Woo is a star chef.He is good looking.Na Bong Sun has a secret crush on him.He begins to like her after her sudden change because she has been possesed by the virgin ghost.

Credit to Fatini and Syuhada

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