I Am Going To A Stranger’s Wake

Ok, maybe Emily’s aunt and my cousin’s mother-in-law is not a complete stranger. I meant to make Emily’s grandmother’s funeral, who died two weeks ago. I could not though, considering it was on a Wednesday and I had class that day without transportation.

I took a shower and when I came back to my phone I got a message from Jim.

Jim: “Have you spoken to Emily?”

Me: “Yes. It’s very unfortunate. Her aunt passed away too.”

Jim: “Yes sorry I heard earlier today and just realized I should check to make sure you knew. I felt So bad I missed her grandmother’s”

Me: “Ik me too. I need to find out when this one is because her aunt was my cousin’s mother-in-law. I should probably be there for him and Em. (Our cousins are married.”

Jim: “Wow small world them again that’s Waterbury.”

Me: “Calling hours is the same as wake right? 5-8”

Jim: “I meant to check Albini thanks for the update. Maybe mother and I will go together :D”

Me: I will probably go with Bruce if I do not hit traffic.”

Jim: “I hate to burst your bubble but 84 on a Friday???? I got better chance at hitting the lotto.”

Me: “Lol I get out at 1 though so hopefully not too bad”

Jim: “Fingers crossed.”

Me: “Indeed”

He sent a smiley face via text message when he was talking about possibly showing up to a wake. That is not appropriate. I want to see him…but I do not…

I do not want to see him at a funeral. I want to see him in public, his usual self, smiling, happy, and maybe then I will run up to him and hug him as if I am happy too… A funeral is not the appropriate place for that to happen. Not the funeral of my best friend’s aunt and my cousin’s mother-in-law.

He might show up with his mother. I bet he wants me to try and convince her to cut her hair.

Then again, they might not even show up. I might not even show up because of traffic. I am leaving it all to chance. I hope both Jim and I are mature.

I am not looking my best and I would hate for him to see me like this. My face is covered in blisters and acne because I have been taken off my minocycline pills for a week. I need a haircut because I have not had one for a month. I have my period. I am currently also taking pills that may make my stomach upset.

I want to run up and hug Jim like I used to… But who knows when it will be the next time that I could run up to him again.

I better go to bed because my roommate Laura is tired and grumpy.


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