Journal Entry to New Beginnings…Start of life story

Good evening Journal,

Today I returned home from my hospital stay.  Since the losing my children to my abusive ex spouse and I haven’t been allowed to visit my two children – Alice Juliet Minor and Elena Sophia Minor, I had a staycation. Well sorta called staycation, my therapists sent me to hospital to get de-stress.

I feel know one is listening to me. I miss my two young toddler children (girls). I miss playtime, reading them stories, singing them songs, and just everyday children activities. I also miss telling them stories of their relatives and facetiming with my family and friends.

I have a big extended family but because they live in Hawaii and Philippines, I haven’t been able to be close to them. I live in Everett, WA and I have been fighting this bad legal system called family court. I haven’t been able to file any motion or hearing and it has been very overwhelming and stressful trying to manuever such a legal system without an attorney. I had to virtually learn it and lost my custodial rights as a mother and both children are put in harms way.

If there’s visible abuse – photos, events, why aren’t they doing anything but continue to put two vulnerable toddlers in harms way. They say I did psychological abuse – the STATE of Washington, My ex spouse, THE SNOHOMISH COUNTY superior court Judges, Guardian Ad Litem Jannene Christenene, etc are the ones that psychologically placed both my children in further danger and psychological abuse.

I am their birth mother to Alice Juliet Kinyon Minor (age 3) and Elena Sophia Kinyon Minor (Age 2). Both girls spoke about their abuses despite their ages and both girls voices were not heard. Both girls are taken from me their birth mother for a YEAR (total 12months). ……. whose the one damaging my children ?? Whose psychologically abusing my children??? whose placing them in further danger and harm???

Authorities that don’t have any say and who disregard evidence /photos of bruises upon return from their father’s custody. Where both children had bruises, diaper rashes…and statements by my eldest stating that the baby didn’t fall from patio.

There’s too much lies and false accusations upon me and disregard that I am a good mother, I am an attentive mother. The Judge Janis Ellis ordereed me to see my children from 4 hours from may 2014 – sept 2014  daily  from 12:00pm to 4:00pm : these children came back from their father’ care / nanny care with bruises and diaper rashes.

I was continuously abused in city of everett – psychologically, financially oppressed by the legal system From May 2014 – Sept 2014, I was not allowed to leave city of everett for 4 hours while I visited my children Alice Juliet and Elena Sophia and visit friends and family who can be my advocate while I see my two little girls everyday. My family were 2 to  3 hours away. I publically saw my children in city of everett downtown.

Those days seem so long ago but despite being limited, My two girls had the best summer. They experiences lots that summer 2014. Alice Juliet and El ena Sophia had moments of first walks, meeting strangers that saw us daily at the childrens museum and a coffeeshop called Firewheel on 2727 Colby. I took pictures of the girls daily, upon drop offs and pickups.

I pray daily that both girls continue to thrive and stay safe while I am away. I pray that they know that mom is working hard to get them back.  In end of may 2014, I lost my job in Mckenna WA as a rehab director because CPS investigations and having to drive daily from McKenna WA to Everett WA (3.5 hours drive – traffic)

I dressed up and showed up every visitation with those girls on time since 1st Parenting plan in December 2013. I made sure those girls got the best of me because I am their only parent whose safe and attentive to their needs.

Matthew, my ex spouse was smoking marijuana and intoxicated while taking care of those girls. I knew when my ex was high, you could tell by his behavior, his blood shot eyes, his heavy drinking energy drink to cover his behavior. He plays the court  very well because with a high paying attorney (his father’s law firm) .

When my ex father in Law – Deane Minor of Tuohy Minor Kruse and his law partner Kara Kruse blacklist and false accused you and malice destroy your career and reputation that you can’t get any attorney to fight for two innocent children and myself (True victim/abuse spouse) and use resources such as DV SNOHOMISH COUNTY AND YWCA SNOHOMISH COUNTY to say that my ex spouse is the victim and paint him the saint.

Well there’s more false accusations against me. I am a good christian mother. I believe in Jesus Christ and there are many  people who were manipulated. Forgiveness comes a long way. I ask them forgiveness for my actions of feeding into their lies and my emotions that came for the bruises and physical/psychological abuses seen on my two children.

Everyday that I don’t see them grow up and everyday they don’t know me – I ask their forgiveness. I ask their forgiveness for allowing such malice and actions for their choices. My two children Alice Juliet and Elena Sophia, I have not abandon you. I have been wanting to see you both. I want my children to know how much I love them so much and that I have battled for them and their voices of abuses have been heard. Everyday that I am here Alive, I’m here for them. GOD is here for them. I will continue to pray and be alive for God’s children.


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