Over Time It Starts to Add Up

Sheree Woods is a high school art teacher in Los Angeles. Just like many other teachers around the country, she has to use her own money to buy school supplies. “I would say between $300 and $400 is a pretty average year for me. Sometimes it’s a lot worse,” she said. Since she has been teaching for a while she does have some supplies left over from previous years, but she must stock up for the upcoming children. Since Woods is more of a quite women, she is not one to complain about the low budget and deal with it. She also mentioned that he believes that the quality of the supplies reflects on how much work the children put in. in order for the children to succeed she must provide them with the best materials to use. That being said, she has already dropped about $500 on supplies this year and it just started (Plummer). This not only leaves 7 months left of the school year but also many years to come with minimal income in return.

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