The Day My Life Turned Dark and the Light at the End of the Tunnel

On June 18th my life started out like any other day I got up and started getting ready to go to my cornea specialist in Oklahoma City.   I left my hometown with my mom as my driver around 8am that morning.  Let’s back track, you may ask why I am going to a cornea specialist?  A little over six years ago my cornea on my left eye  ruptured due to an eye disease that I was   diagnosed with when I was a teenager and progressed as a got older.  Okay so fast forward back to June 18th, I made it to the cornea specialist and the eye tech started the eye exam first the left eye, read 20/30 perfect.  Next was the right eye she asked can you read this line?   I said, “There is letter on the screen?”  She said, let’s try another way, she said, “Can you see this?”  It was the big E, you know the one the eye doctor make you focus on while he/she studying your eyes?  I said, “Yes, but it is very blurry.”  Then she proceed to start to the 1/2 test it was still blurry and not getting any better.  She told me the doctor would be with me in a minute, I knew that this was not going to be good.   The doctor came in and told me that I was going blind in my right eye and that we several options but a cornea transplant would be the best bet for long term.  We picked July 29th 2015 for me to have the transplant.  On July 29th my cornea transplant was performed.  It was a success  I now can see 20/40 on most days and 20/30 on good days.  Although I have had my ups and down with swelling and other hiccups everything went well with the healing process.  I am very thankful for both of my donors that have a special place in my heart and if it was for organ donations I would be blind and relying on others. 


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