Cute Story ❤

Today at 2, I had just sat down on my break at the food court when I see an older couple (conveniently who spoke Spanish!) and they were trying to choose a table to sit at. The poor old man had dropped his cane and visibly struggling to bend down and pick it up, so much so that he was shaking.. he in all honesty reminded me so much of my Papa! People walked by without a care, so I got up and walked over to them and picked it up for him! They thanked me so much, I told them no problem with a smile, and when they noticed I was sitting alone, they walked on over and asked to sit with me They made my day! We got to talking, They had been married almost 53 years! Just about the same as my Mama and Papa. Their names were Raul and Soñia, they lived in RI and were hoping to find a nice gift for their grandson for his anniversary to his wife 😊 I told them about my family and about my kids – it quite honestly was a nice talk at lunch time with some really great people! As I told them I’m sorry I had to get going back to work, the man stood up and hugged me 😊 He thanked me and said, “Gracias Mona!” ..I had to hold back the tears for that because thats what my Papa used to call me.. It means monkey in Spanish (“Goodbye Monkey!”) I DEFINITELY needed this to brighten my day today 😊 I wish them well 🙏 ❤

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