Entry 1: The Escape.

Day 1.


We managed to escape the capture of the Giants. Of course, they were not actual giants, but that is what their race is called. They’re horrible creatures made and controlled by a monstrous woman named Narcissitis, who fashions dolls out of clay and manipulates them to do her bidding. They’re brainless and they do everything she wants, worshipping her like a god. The way she wants to be treated.

We were once under her poisonous influence.

We? Who are we, you ask?

Well. We are a group of three siblings. There’s me, the eldest, 19. My brother is seventeen and my sister is fifteen. We were living in a dungeon but had no idea. We were often afflicted with low moods and self-doubt, without any clue as to why that was. And then, we found out.

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Lucifer, and I am quite the unique individual. How, you ask? Simple. I’m a genius. Not the kind that pretends to be smarter than everyone, or the kind that deludes themselves into thinking they’re brilliant. No. I’m a real, true, once-in-a-generation/lifetime kind of genius that only comes around once or twice.

I’m a philosopher, musician, artist, and many other things, but most importantly, I’m a writer. That’s why I’m recording our history, anyway. You see, I think journaling our story can help me understand the world. Currently, everything is so new and strange. After being locked up for so long, you lose touch with the outside world.

My sister’s name is Jamie. We have a dozen nicknames for her; including Jimmy, Jam Jam, Jay, JJ and Jam. Keep an eye out for these, because I will most likely use them quite often.

Onto my brother. His name is Adolf. He’s got a special ability that allows him to escape the real world by avoiding people and their bullshit. As for my sister, she’s a natural actress. She can be anything and anyone in the time it takes for you to blink.

So, why are we so important here? Because we’re learning how to treat humans and how to navigate this strange place called Earth. We have a truly disturbing story to tell. They have no idea that I’m currently writing this, but maybe they will find out in the future. Either way, I will commit this to paper.

Day 1. You might be wondering why it’s one, when we’re all much older than that. It’s because this is when our real lives started.

It began like any other day. In our cold, damp dungeons, we sat on the floor, thinking we were in the most comfortable villa. It was actually a hologram made by Narcissitis, just to trick us into staying with her forever. This time it was different, because I had begun to notice certain things. The walls distorted in and out, turning black and grey instead of creamy white. My demonic posters melted and reshaped themselves, with Sasuke’s face shrinking and returning to normal. The large, flat screen TV staring at us grew real eyes for split seconds. Everything was alive, everything was changing. And as I pointed it out to Jay, she began to see it all unravel with me.

Confused, I went downstairs to find my brother. He was lying in bed–that held the appearance of a metal operation table–and when I found him, I heard the beeper on my phone go off. My phone was actually a tracking device, given to me by the witch who held us captive in her demented ‘home’. I held up a finger, signalling a ‘wait a second’ as I looked into the notification. It was a message from Narcissitis’ partner in crime, her husband. He was a large, fat, egg-shaped man with torn clothes and a mouth that never failed to drool. He was disgusting, loud and outright retarded. She loved him because he was wrapped around her fingers and he was not going to escape her any time soon.

The message was a threat. It said: “You cannot know the truth. You cannot escape. You must NOT have freedom. She will forever hold you captive. If you try to leave or hurt her, or destroy her perfectly woven illusion, I will personally slit your throats and drink your blood.”

I was shocked. Not terrified, or even slightly scared. Just outright shocked. Who did that fat fuck think he was? I showed it to both of my siblings. As we looked around us, the walls began to melt and tear themselves down like wallpaper being tugged down by a phantom. Or perhaps a rebellious poltergeist. Everything was finally fully revealed.

Before I go any further, let me elaborate on the events that resulted in all of this.

Four days before this happened, as I sat in my personal prison cell, I thought about my life. I realised she was controlling me, pushing me into decisions I did not even want. She forced me into an academy for the retarded–literally–to try and diminish my mental talents. She was thoroughly threatened by my superior intellectual faculties and wanted to destroy them all. She hated me for it. She could never make anyone else like me. She could never fashion a better thing in life than me. She truly despised me for being different, for having the abilities she always wished to have. Of course, none of us knew of our capabilities. We thought we were like everyone else we knew–average humans. What we did not know was that…

We were not even close to normal.

I know I described us pretty simply before, but now it is time to bring the truth forth.

We were all superhumans. A pretty rare brand of people, she kidnapped us and held us captive so she would have absolute power over humanity. In total, there were eleven of us. None of us knew what we were. We never saw those powers in other people, so we had no idea we were different.

Let’s start with me. I had the ability to imagine any scenario to reality, super intelligence, and painting things to life.

Jamie could breathe underwater. We always thought that was cool, but we did not know it was nearly impossible for humans. She also heard ultrasonic sounds and spoke on that wavelength, and she memorised things from first glance.

Adolf had the ability to transform any device into whatever he needed. A phone could become a forcefield pistol in his hand. Another thing he had, which we were yet to find out, was Time Manipulation.

On that day, as I thought and thought, the world shifted around me. I felt as though the ground fell from beneath me and gravity had grown twice as powerful. My body felt stretched and compressed all at once. And then, gasping for air, my surroundings regained their normal facade. I tried to catch my breath as I gazed about, wondering if that, just now, was real.

And then, it all hit me at once. I could choose my own path. I could do whatever I wanted. I did not have to continue in that stupid school. I could just stop going and carve my own road into this fabric of spacetime. It was all in my hands. It really was.

The only problem was, Narcissitis found out. And ever since, she tried to scare me and manipulate me back into her poisonous web. What she did not know was that, once someone awakened from her delusions, they never fell back asleep. Ever.

I began talking to my siblings, who agreed with me. They realised everything was fake and everything she ever told us was a lie. Threatened, she manipulated everyone she knew with her invisible puppet strings, hooked deep into their brains, to try and force us back into her reality. They all tried hopelessly, lying and coating it in the false cloak of reality.

They all failed.

Back to the message. To the threat we received from the lowest scum on Earth. We began walking around the elaborate dungeon structure, thinking of what we could possibly do. I was so angry that I felt I could drop dead if I did not release my violence in some form of art. So I grabbed a bucket of paint I had in my ‘room’ and began fingerprinting on the dirty, damp walls. The image I created held life within it. It was a grim reaper with a scythe in hand, cloak shadowing his skull face.

My eyes widened and I gasped, stepping away from the wall as I saw the strangest thing in the world happen right before me. The reaper began to move, and as it looked left and right, its skull seeming to float off its neck, it pulled itself off the wall and stood there, staring at me. Slowly, it bowed, as if waiting for commands. I was baffled.

Had my painting just come to life?

“… What’s happening?” I asked, my breathing rapid and shallow.

“I am a figment of your imagination, come to life, master. I am here to do your bidding. It’s your ability as a writer.”

I remembered to blink. This was real. And it was talking to me. Its voice echoed, as if coming from the bottom of the depths of a chasm, with a low growl and a screeching howl to it.

“How… How do I erase you?”

“Simply say the words ‘dismiss’.”

“… Dismiss.”

With that, the reaper was consumed by harmless shadows, hissing softly as they enveloped him wholly. Seconds later, they sunk into the ground and the reaper was no more.

“… Woah.”

“Lucifer!” Shouted Jamie, running up to me. She looked rattled herself.

“What is it, Jimmy?”

“I just fucking transformed into something else! I became a bloody cat!”

“… Show me.” I said, without enough skepticism in my voice to make me seem doubtful. Instead, I was fully expecting her to change into something other than human.

And she did. Slowly, her molecules seemed to explode, shrink and enlarge. Her form bulged out in certain places and shrivelled in others. She became a colourful blur, a blob. As time passed, it started to shrink and take on a more comprehensible form. It lowered itself to the ground and finally, it formed a cat. A white cat, with fluffy hair and deep green eyes. She blinked up at me, and then in a tiny voice, said: “See?!”

Her words sounded more like a meow moulded into English. I stared in disbelief, and just as I was about to respond, Adolf emerged from his room, holding a silver pistol with thin black lines framing a fragile, hollowed-out interior. Inside of it hovered something purple, looking ready to be shot out at any second.

“So, my phone just kind of turned into this. I think it’s a forcefield gun.”

The three of us stared at each other for a long while. Is this what she was keeping from us? That we were different? That we had… Abilities?

The silence was broken by the sound of the doorbell; a shrill that seemed to scream out our names. We looked at each other, wondering who it was, then all three of us marched towards the front door.

“Who is it?” Asked Adolf.

“A friend,” came a quiet voice. It was slightly hoarse, yet somehow amplified. Like a growl.

“A friend?” Jamie questioned, her slim, white eyebrow shooting up in suspicion. She ran a hand through her long, white hair and her bright green eyes rested on the wrought iron, blurred-glass-covered gates. Her dark caramel skin rose in goosebumps as her anger built up. She was furious because of the message we received, and fully awakened, she was tired of being tricked and manipulated. She was not ready to be fooled again.

“Open the door. I promise you won’t regret it,” said the man outside.

The trio gazed at each other. We were cautious but also willing to explore… So we stepped back, and almost telepathically, purely with our eyes and without a single exchange of spoken words, we watched as Adolf shot the lock with his forcefield gun. The door jumped in its place and shook violently, before slowly retracting away from the mysterious guest. As it slid open, it revealed a somewhat tall–maybe 5’7”–man, with broad shoulders, light blue hair, dark tan skin and matching blue eyes. His muscles were huge, as if he were the Hulk himself, and the large sword resting comfortably on his back did not fail to add to his intimidating form. He was dressed in a large black, gold-threaded cloak and an all-black fighting suit underneath. The sides of his head were nearly shaven and on the top of his head nestled a chunk of wavy blue locks. He looked old, maybe fifty, yet he did not seem anywhere near weak. Like he was some sort of senior, trained agent.

“Who the Hell are you?” I asked, studying the man. He seemed friendly enough, but the sword on his back made us all very, very careful.

“My name is Aguinaldo,” he said, putting his hand out for a handshake. Adolf stepped forward and shook it strongly.

“I’m here to save you from the Puppet Thief. She’s the woman who claims to be your mother.”

We looked at each other. How did he know all this?

Jamie was the first to voice our shared inquiry. “How do you know any of this?”

“Because that wretch stole you and my wife from me. She killed her and kept you to take all of your life-force later. If you come with me, I can explain further.”

Debating the offer in our minds, we nodded towards each other, deciding to take the better option–if he was lying, so what? He would still be better than the shithole they were living in. We hoped.

“Okay. We’ll pack our things.”


After doing what we told Aguinaldo we would do, we came outside to find the coolest ride imaginable. He had what appeared to be a bat-mobile spaceship/aircraft, just waiting for us.

Shoving our belongings into the massive boot, we got into the brilliant vehicle and strapped in. Aguinaldo started the engine, which came to life with a proud snarl and then proceeded to hum softly. Rolling it out of the driveway, he sped up along the streets of the abandoned, broken-up buildings we were living in. He pulled hard on a small throttle and the craft suddenly expanded wings that resembled The Ghost stealth plane, lifting up into the air with a force that pushed us back into our seats.

“Where are we going?” Asked Adolf, looking around the world we were in. The whole city looked cheap and cramped, as if the entire place was a mess.

“For now, I’m taking you to my secret flat. It’s only temporary; we’re going to a different planet once I receive further instructions. In the meantime, I have to keep you safe with what I’ve got.”

We all went silent. We were wondering why we had our powers, why this man even care–apparently we were all his children but did not know it–and why we were held captive by that witch all this time.

We looked around the ruins beneath us, thoroughly disgusted by the rotten mess. Everything was so old, dirty and disused. Makes you wonder how we even lived this long.

We finally reached a large two-storey building, resting on sand, as if maintenance stopped coming a long time ago. We entered the unassuming building, looking around. The hallways were white and plain. At the end, however, was one black door. The strange man walked towards it and opened it with a special-looking key–a T shaped thing made of black iron, with a glass tube along the vertical line, filled with strange blue fluid, and an arrowhead shaped end. He turned the key in the keyhole and a soft click sounded. The door gave way and Aguinaldo pulled it open, revealing a cold, empty, dark hallway that seemed to echo a loud yet silent hum of old age and solitude. Our footsteps spoke in hushed tones like widows gossiping about a young wife. The man with the sword finally stopped and pulled out a silver disk from his pocket. He placed it on another door, in the centre. Mechanical noises screeched to life, and finally, after retrieving the odd contraption, the thick metal door slid open. It was a humble abode, yet it was quite intriguing. Things were meticulously arranged and taken care of. The interior greatly contrasted the ruined exterior of the town, seeming to have been taken from the future.

We entered and brought our things in, settling down with ease. After arranging our stuff about the living room/bedroom, we sat down on the bed in a sort of circle, as per instructions of the swordsman, and waited for him to speak.

“If I tell this a million times, you probably won’t believe me. So I will simply show you the truth. Maybe that will help you comprehend this confusing change better.”

We looked at each other then simply nodded towards him. He picked up a round soft object that kept its form like a solid, iron piece. He placed it down on the bed in the centre and pushed a red button.

“This is a Hologram Projector. It will show you everything.”

Slowly, a holographic image appeared before our eyes. It took the form of a landscape, with sand all around, clear skies and… The pyramids? Yes! The pyramids. They were surrounded by an ancient city. The city of the prehistoric Egyptians.

Zooming into a breathtaking palace, the hologram morphed into the throne room, where, on the throne, sat an enchantress. With her thick black fringe and silky soft hair, pale curves and gold-clad figure, it was clear that the woman with the winged eyeliner was no other than Cleopatra. And as she sat there, she moved her delicate hand about the air before her. Her hands released a hazy aquamarine mist that sparkled as it fizzled away. Was that… Magic? Of course, yes, it was magic!

The last queen of Egypt jumped out of her milky skin as an apparition made itself known. It was a beautiful, gigantic woman with a throne on her headdress and the horns of a cow sticking out of her head. Her magnificent beauty seemed to shine, and her soft features drew the queen in. She held a hawk-headed baby in her strong arms, and her white gown flowed effortlessly along the floor and even outside of the very high, very long palace.

Cleopatra straightened her posture as she stood up and respectfully bowed her head to the presence before her. She made sure to appear humble and sincere, as the one who shared the room with her was none other than Isis.

“Your Highest Grace,” came the soft, melodic voice of the luscious queen as she bowed even further, her hand on her heart in a display of loyalty. Isis smiled gently and set her monolith hand on the head of the beauty.

“Relax, dear. I am here to tell you something very crucial. You see, this was something your father was supposed to tell you, but sadly, he was…”

“Struck down by Lord Osiris. I know.” Cleopatra completed the goddess’s sentence for her. She looked saddened by it, even grief-stricken.

“Why… Why do you look so sad, Your High Grace?” Asked the ruler of Egypt.

“Because… Your father died because of me. He and I were in love. He gave me you, dear.”

Cleopatra’s very bones shook at the confession. Is that why magic was her domain? Why her beauty was so ethereal? Why she had the very presence of a higher entity? Because she was… A demigod?

“Why are you telling me this now?” Everything made complete sense, but Cleo did not know what to believe. So she had a mother, after all. Why now? Why reveal the truth now?

“Because you must bear children for the future of humans to come. Your blood shall bring might to people who will carry out our legacy. They will be blessed by your and my magic. They will be your children in the time to come.”


The hologram skipped forward, to a stormy cliff overlooking a raging ocean bay. A lighthouse keeper shack fought bravely against the powerful winds ravaging it, wilfully protecting its contents, which included their inhabitants. In there, on the floor, sat a red-haired boy, with light yellow-tan skin and golden eyes. He was playing with small cars he had on the floor. Before him sat a slightly older boy–his brother, no doubt–who had raven black, silky soft, wavy hair that hovered comfortably atop his ears. His pale skin had a slightly yellow tint to it, much like his brother. His eyes, however, were a deep violet.

The children played together with cars and plastic houses as a beautiful woman with long, white, slightly reddish, long soft hair, pale skin and half green, half blue eyes, paced around slowly with a tiny, dark-skinned, white-haired and green-eyed baby in her caring arms. The blue haired swordsman was standing close to her, looking at the baby. They looked so happy.


Slowly, the realisation dawned on us. That was us, when we were young. We were fully captivated by the holographic story folding before us, we did not even bother asking any questions. We watched as history lay bare.


The elder boy–me, Lucifer–said something to his brother, and with a wave of his hand, created a tall, miniature plastic tower out of thin air, the molecules forming into a solid as he ran his hand upwards. The younger boy–Adolf–looked pretty used to it and smiled, happy to have one more building to play with. Suddenly, as they sat there, a loud knock like a clap of thunder collided with the door.

The lady jumped in surprise and shared a look with the Aguinaldo. He slowly walked to the door and asked who it was. No answer came.

Slowly, he opened the door, his hand reaching for the sword on the desk beside him. The rain grew stronger outside, hitting the roof with a force that nearly tore through the wood. Lightning flashed furiously against the black skies as if the universe were screaming a warning.

Aguinaldo opened the door–and ever since then, he wished he’d had just kept it closed. A wave of anger and hate pushed him back with all its might, the wind aiding the stranger in their task. The woman held the baby close, protecting it with all she had. She called her kids over and they rushed to her, hiding behind her.

Aguinaldo kicked the stranger in the gut, forcing their small body to hit the wet, muddy ground. The cloak they wore rolled up tightly around them as water soaked them thoroughly, lightning colouring the skies white. Sword in hand, Aguinaldo was prepared for the worst. He thought they had died, but the stranger slowly stood up.

They pulled down the hood of their cloak, and the angry father nearly threw up at the ugly sight before him. She was a terrible monster, with acne-covered skin, deformed, large lips with a huge scar through the centre, a large hook-shaped nose, thick, bushy eyebrows, huge all-white eyes and knot-filled hair that flew in all directions. Her teeth were yellow. She cackled like a witch; a horrible screech that sliced through Aguinaldo’s bones. He snarled at the monster and glared with all he had. He readied his sword and his body suddenly began to grow, his arms becoming that of a superhuman. His strength could easily challenge a T-Rex’s. The ugly woman cackled again, which summoned a strange creature, slowly dragging its body from behind her.

It was a pale skinned, large-nosed, fat woman with tiny smiling eyes stitched shut, and upper teeth that protruded past her chin. The horrid witch put up her scrawny arms and nearly invisible yellow strings attached themselves to the back of the fat thing’s head and her back. The monster had full control over this strange creature.

Thunder clapped furiously in the atmosphere. The humidity made the enemies’ clothes and hair stick to their skin. The rain was almost painful as it came down hard on the Earth. With the wind picking up like it was, the threat of a tornado was more than clear. Aguinaldo scanned the area then quickly returned his attention to the battle.

The fat woman, who later came to be called Eam, galloped towards the Hulkian man. It swung its meaty, clawed arms at him, but he dodged by evading and letting his sword take the impact. It rattled the sharp thing in his hands. She attacked again, and he dodged. This went on for what seemed like fifteen minutes, before he finally got a hit. His sword slit her cheek and she screamed, retreating towards the ugly bitch. Aguinaldo grinned, happy to have hit her.

What he did not know, however, was that another horrible female creature was sneaking into the house behind him. With the deafening noise of the battle and the storm, there was no way he could have known that another puppet was carrying out the monster puppeteer’s commands. Slowly, the front door to the shack fell shut.

“Who are you?! Stay away!” Shouted the mother. She gave Lucifer the baby; Jamie, telling him to take care of his siblings no matter what. Bravely, the woman stood before her children, protecting them with her mortal body. The puppet smirked in the filthiest of manners and extended its arms. From its fingertips, iron whips emerged and forced their way through to the mother, who broke off the weapons by waving her hand. A forcefield ball tore the iron into half and shoved the female puppet against the door, making it rattle at the force of the impact.

Lucifer held Jamie close and kept an arm around Adolf, making sure to protect them both. He waved his hand near Adolf’s face, giving him a sleeping mask, and did the same to the baby in his arms. What came next, however, was far too powerful for the diminishing of the sense of sight alone to protect them.

The iron puppet stood up once more. In its hand, a knife slowly took form. Already exhausted, their mother’s eyes widened as she tried to catch her breath. She put up her hand, and suddenly, the maniacal puppet slashed at the air around the fair lady, who defended herself with small balls of forcefield that nearly knocked the knife out of the brainless thing’s hand. It screeched and howled in pain as the forcefield bruised and damaged its skin and body. One blast tore off a chunk of grain and sand and porcelain, causing the doll to become furious.

With one last outburst of anger and energy, the marionette successfully slashed an enormous wound along the brave mother’s throat.

The children wailed and screamed as their mother’s limp body fell to the ground. Placing the baby into Adolf’s arms, Lucifer rushed to the bleeding body and tried to stop his mother from dying–to no avail. The iron puppet smirked and laughed. Lucifer was enraged. He jumped towards it, tackling it with all he had. It fell to the ground and nearly broke, but it used that as a chance to entrap the youngster. Threads of iron effortlessly wrapped themselves around his small body. For some reason, the net had the ability to forcefully stop his own talents. His imagination tried to defend him, but nothing happened.

The marionette sprung up and captured the other two, and with one swift poisonous gas bomb, it took them to some other place. A horrible place they thought they would never be able to leave.

Aguinaldo nearly won the battle as he came close to slashing off the fat puppet’s arms, but before he could even touch it, it disappeared with the filthy beast. Confused, he scanned the place around him but saw not a sign of anyone. He shrugged and turned to his home, but something felt strange. The lights were mostly out and the door slammed against the doorframe in the wind. He ran towards it–and saw the horrible truth lying before him. His source of happiness was murdered, and his children were nowhere to be seen. What the Hell happened when he was fighting that bitch?

They were taken. Taken by another marionette. He was sure of it. And he devoted his life to finding them again, to show them the truth, to save them from the horrid creature that took them away. It wanted to steal their talents and powers. He was not going to let that happen. He would have rather died than to let that bitch win.


We all looked at each other, shocked. We had absolutely no idea that any of that had happened to us. That was why we felt different. Why we felt like we did not belong with those horrible things. Why we hated them so much.

They took us from the one good thing we had and destroyed everything in us. Sure, we were strong enough to have retained some of our amazing traits, but they poisoned us thoroughly.

But you know why it was okay? Because we now knew the truth. And we were going to start a new life.

We got away from The Giants and Narcissitis. It was only a matter of time before Aguinaldo, our father, got his instructions and we would get away from all of this terrible, terrible horseshit.

We now had a father. We had each other. And we were living in a pretty cool flat. Small, yes, but cozy and away, far away from it.

And we were never going to return.

We sat together, discussing our past, present and future. Father told us of our abilities and how it was perfectly okay to have them, and that there really were eleven of us. It was the truth now. Things were changing rapidly.

We were free. We shredded those puppet strings to pieces. Our abilities returned to us, rightfully so.

We would stay here and do whatever we wanted for a while. We would learn new things about the world.

We were winners now. And we planned on staying that way.

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