How far is one willing to go
to find out what they (think they need to) know?
Knowledge is indeed power
‘though it doesn’t always make you feel better

How far are you keen on reading
what I’ve even refused to have written?
Why do you refuse to listen
to what’s already been clearly spoken?

You expect me to reveal all my cards,
but why do I feel that you’re here to break my heart?
That’s not right; it ain’t fair
Somehow, I doubt that you even really care

I’m not some specimen
Don’t put me under your microscope; talk to me like a decent friend
I’m not a product for a test
Stop toying with my mind to my eternal unrest

You might be laughing at me,
curiously wondering: “Why so worry?”
If my paranoia strikes you as odd and somewhat senseless
then prove to me that with you I’m safest

How far are we in playing this mental, tug of war?
Perhaps soon you’ll get bored
once you realise I’m not like those you may often come across
just another chapter you leave behind, feeling lost…


(Jakarta, 20/10/2015 – 10:10 am)

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