Is this the life that was chosen for me?

Sitting here, watching the news and wondering is this the life that was chosen for me? I am a thirty one year old woman who is eight months pregnant. I currently have two other kids that are four and seven. My husband that I have been with for nine years in February end up moving his fourteen year old daughter in our home from a previous relationship. At times, I feel lonely even when he is home. The reason that is is because him and his fourteen year old daughter like playing mind games. I use to care about her a lot that went on about her such as school, clothes, etc. but not anymore. I’m beginning to believe that I am starting not to give a shit about my husband in away either. I do a lot around the house other then the financial part because of me being preggo but I don’t run the streets or anything like that. I just feel that I am being played with and might end up raising my kids by myself. His daughter is so very disrespectful towards her father. It’s ridiculous. Well, yesterday I got accepted into Bio technical Institute of Maryland to study to laboratory assistant. Something different but good. I am planning to start class in November and play a long with these two until I really get myself together. I say, after the baby is born. I am getting impatient with the baby not getting here any sooner. Since it will be a girl, I am thinking about naming her Miracle with a k (Mirakle). It’s different…….. I can’t really speak about too much right now. I have to get up early to go to the school and finish registering and do my hair before bed. Ttyl

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