The Hustle

The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately! I have a lot of dreams for my life, my sons life and my career. Though my dreams are big, I know that my dreams won’t became a reality unless I’m willing to do the work to make them happen. There have been times when I hear people say that they don’t under stand how they are unsuccessful but others seem to soar to the top. The the thing is do they ever stop to ask those “successful” people how they made it to the top? I’m pretty sure they would say hard work,sacrifice and never giving up. They probably had plenty of let downs, days they wanted to give up and plenty of times they failed. The difference between us and them, they never gave up. They kept on their hustle no matter what was thrown at them. So, instead of being frustrated, upset or even afraid of the outcome I’m going to pay my dues and hustle.

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