Just returned from some more R&R. I’ve been very good to myself this year. H has been wonderful about it. This trip was planned last spring. I was invited by a childhood friend to spend up to a week on the beach with her and 9 other women from various points in her life who have remained special to her. It is our 50 year. She is making the most of it and including many friends in the many celebrations – for that I am grateful. My sister was invited on this trip as well. Her physical absence was apparent, but I reminded everyone that her spirit is with us always. Other than my friends sister and a school friend of ours, the majority of the women I met on this trip. All of them lovely people. I was so happy to have reconnected with our school friend. We went through 10 years of school together but didn’t know each other. Childhood insecurities kept us from that. I’m so happy to be an adult and to not let anything stand in the way of being friends with such a variety of people. Life is so much richer because of it.

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