Entry 5

Entry 5 – 10/23/15

17:27 – in my room

Hi again. I have nothing particular to say today. I know, my life should be pretty great. I bet that’s what you’re thinking. Well, no, no it is not.

My dad’s birthday is coming up soon and we just went shopping for him. Suits, phone case and cake. The usual. What else could I say ?

I got a lot of stuff figured out for my dance. I mean, I’m the only one doing something, with C of course. I bought loads of decorations and even make some myself. I got my costume figured out. Evil red riding hood. Although last time I wore out everyone thought I was Dracula’s wife…so I’ll be wearing fake blood this year. We still don’t have a DJ and lights so that’s pretty bad, but we’ll figure it out, I hope.

Oh yeah, I miss my brother so much it hurts. My other brother, the one who left the country to study. Us two, it’s like, we don’t talk about stuff but we know it’s happening. A single look can make you feel better and like he cares and understands what you’re going through. Do you know what I mean ?

And the other one is just the same : bipolar. He is so annoying ! One minute he’s super nice and the other he insults you real bad. I just don’t get him ! Although I’m trying real hard…

I’m going to go. Going to watch an episode. One piece, here I come !

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