Entry 7-My Lovely Roomates.

Nur Zarifah Jaafar is my best roomates.She came from Sabah and she has a thick accent.She is tallest among us.Her height is 170 cm.She is very nice and sweet girl.Her ambition is to be a pilot.

Next,Jalilah Afiqah.She is the craziest among us.She came from Pahang.She is very talkative and friendly person but sometimes she is annoying.Her nickname is Jelly.

Lastly,my cute senior,Adilah Nur.She was born in Perak.She is a funny person and love to joke.She is a hardworking and genius.She got 4 flat for every semester.She is loving and a good sister to all of us.She always help us in our studies.I love my roomates so much.

Credit to Fatini and Syuhada

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