Teachers Were Supposed to get a Raise

Governor Bentley of the state of Alabama had told the teachers of that state that they will each receive a two percent pay raise each year. However, he did not keep his word. One of the Alabama Education Associates commented, “We were deeply disappointed in the fact that Governor Bentley didn’t keep his promise to include at least a two percent pay raise for education employees. It marks now the seventh year that educators across the state have not received any kind of pay adjustment (Vasquez).” At first two percent of a raise does not sound like much, but after seven years that two percent would have added up to a total 14% pay raise. Since Governor Bentley didn’t keep his promise to educators in Alabama, it rubbed some employees the wrong way. When a teacher’s average salary is approximately $45,612 a year, after seven years they would have been paid about $52,000 a year after the 14% pay raise, but because they were never given that raise, teachers are still making the average amount.

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