A short story( 688 words )

“Hey, can you move away? This is my place!! Go!” Jen are so mad to the kids that bluntly sit at her places. Jen is a bad girl. She are strong because she entered Taekwondo in her last primary school. The other reasons people are afraid of her is because she is big. Really big.

Everyday they will be someone who will make she angry! Sometimes, some of them get punched or kicked. That is her school life. A gangster girl.

So, they are always haters around her. Khai is the one who is really hate her. He thinks she is too arrogant. He really want to make that girl feel ashamed.

One evening, after school, he decided to follow her home. He want to know what is Jen do at home. So, he followed her.

At Jen’s home, he saw something incredible. Something that he can’t believe. Jen personalities are different. As soon as she arrived her home. She hugged her younger brothers and she hold her younger sisters hands. She became someone nice and kind!

After half an hour, he took decision to meet her himself. So, he confronted her.

“Good evening Jen.” Khai greeted her.

“Hey, what are you doing here? Are u want to get punches by me?” Jen already pulled his collar. Khai was afraid!

“Jen. Please relax. I just want to ask you the questions.” said Khai tried to calm Jen.

“Aaaak. Jennn. Aaakk,” someone interrupted them.

“Mom, why are you come here? You must rest,” Jen went to her mother who paralysed half of her body. Jen hold her mother.

Her mom asked Jen what is really happen and who is the boy that come to her house.

“Oh, the boy is my schoolmates. His name is Khai. He just came to visit us,” replied Jen. Her mom asked Khai to enter their small house. Jen’s brothers and sisters ran entered their house.

“Thank you auntie,” Khai said. He climbed the wooden stairs and entered the house. Jen lead her mother into the house.

Her mom asked Jen to bring the water to Khai. Khai is a guest to her. Jen went to her kitchen. She was angry with Khai, but she must obeyed her mother said.

Her mother started to chat with Khai. She asked Khai about the school, Jen, and about himself.

After half an hour, Khai asked permission to went back to his house. He greeted Jen’s mother. Jen followed Khai to the front of house.

“Hey, why are u so different in school? You are vicious, angry all the time. Why can’t you become a person who kind and good?” Asked Khai before he took his shoes.

“It is because people will fool me around, and try to make me a stupid, poor person. I don’t want to be like that. I want they afraid of me. And YOU also,” said Jen a bit mad.

“No. Believe me. I know you are not bad. Your heart is so kind and beautiful. So, I’ll not be afraid of you,” said Khai.

“Take this. You know I can help you. My father an architect. He will help you. Please don’t push this opportunity,” Khai gave some money to Jen. At first Jen tried to push it away but she took it because she know Khai tried to help her.

Jen gave a smile and cried. She never told or showed her hardships to anyone. She tried to hold in alone. But now, she can had someone to tell her story or her tiredness. She know Khai can be her friend.

Khai just smile and went back to his house.

After that incident, Khai perceptions towards Jen have changed. He not judged the book by its cover anymore. He will tried to know the inner beauty of every person he meet.

Jen, start to believe people who really want to help her. But her boyish attitudes can’t be change.

They both became a really good friends. Khai’s parents always go to visit Jen’s mother and they tried to help with anything they can. The both family become one big family. 😬😬


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