Entry 2 – friendship

Life is not worthy if u dont have friends. Just imagine how can you survive on living in earth if your the only man alive. Its sure depressing not to have someone to love on and play with. As for this journal, lets have a look on what friends is based on my persepective.

Do you remember about the story of muhajirin and ansar? When prophet muhammad, some of mecca citizen and his loyal sahabah(friends) move out from mecca to medina. Ansar of medina offer houses for muhajirin to stay and provide them food, protection and clothes.

This is how prophet muhammad unite each of muslim. Encourage others to feel that we muslim are one big family that helps each other. Thats what friendship are. To have each other wether during hard time and leisure time. “Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget”.

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