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Granny was in her glory at the last Trojan season game against the Cadillac Vikings on October 23, 2015. In the picture above, I am the radiant one beaming next to Jacob. You probably can’t see it given the distance but trust me it’s true. Before the game, all the seniors were honored. Seniors and their families walked through the Trojan tunnel (which smelled like sweaty football players), and the announcer said their name, football position, family menbers with them, and their plans after high school. Jacob’s plan was to play college football and pursue a surgeon career. Unfortunately, Mom Rachel was out of commission and could barely walk so she could not escort Jacob across the field. She was throughly bummed, and I felt so bad because I knew how much she wanted to participate. The fact she even made it to the stadium was a feat. She was not able to stay the entire game. As bad as I felt for Rachel, I could not cover the immense proud feelings for Jacob and all his accomplishments to reach his senior year. In the first journal entry, I noted how quickly the years have passed, and this last game of the season was yet another reminder of how true that sentiment is.

I decided not to write a blow by blow description of the game. Just a few highlights. THEY WON!!!!! Final score 42 to 13. A perfect season record and according to the paper the first time since 1988. However, the paper pointed out that 1988 was before the Traverse City schools split so actually, it was the first perfect season for T.C. Central. And Captain Jacob helped to make this auspicious history. I have been bragging about Jacob since I’ve know that boy, and in my defense, he continues to prove me correct. Lineman don’t receive the press as the quarterbacks and ball carriers, but those players could not be successful without a strong line. And, Jacob was in peak performance. His blocking was stellar. Of course, I was thrilled to see the picture on the sports page which featured a John Pupel touchdown, and Jacob right behind him. He’s the big guy with the number 78 on his jersey.

Last year Cadillac beat the Trojans but they did not stand a chance in this game. The Trojans quickly demonstrated their superior skills and easily racked up 42 points by half time to the Vikings 0. Similar to last week, Couch Schugars played his second string players in the second half, and Cadillac was able to score 2 touchdowns. However, the Trojans successfully blocked their first touchdown kick so the final score of the night was Trojans 42 to Cadillac 13, which proved to be an unlucky number for the Vikings. First year as head coach for Schugars and a pretty impressive record. The boys attempted to douse him in Gatorade near the end of the game but they missed and Schugars only had some splash hit him. Jacob came to the fence prior and told me to have my camera ready as something big was going to happen to Coach Schugars. So I turned my writing pad over to Bob to keep track of the plays on the field and headed down with my cell phone camera. I am sad to report that by the time I clicked my camera Coach Schugars was walking away so I did not get the actual moment. Sorry Jacob – unlike your perfect record Granny failed. But undaunted by lack of success, I did manage to snap some pics of Jacob sporting his new cap. All the players received caps with 9 -0 embroidered on the side. Obviously, these caps were not produced on the spot so someone felt confident they would have a perfect 9 win to 0 season! But then Granny knew that too so I don’t think it was a huge leap to conclude that outcome.

On Saturday, they will announce the team that the Trojans will play in playoffs. Speculation is Muskegon which is a very tough team. The Trojans will host the first playoff game at home, and sadly Granny will not be there. I am most sad to miss this game, but our tickets to Arizona are purchased, and we fly out on Monday. I have already decided that if they make it to the final game, I will definitely fly home for that game. Until then Granny will have to be satisfied to listen to the game on the radio.

In other news, my grandson Elijah made the decision to move to Michigan in his efforts to pursue an apprenticeship in electrical. He will assist Randy until he can enter the program. He worked his final shift in Wisconsin Thursday night and then drove to Milwaukee to catch the ferry and then drive to Granny’s house. He pretty much went 24 hours without sleep, but Granny poured him into her car to obtain a Michigan driver’s license after arriving on Friday. It was the only opportunity I had to help him since the office is closed Saturday and Sunday, and I leave on Monday. Of course, we experienced a snafu. Silly “rules.” Elijah had to have 2 pieces of verification documenting that he was a Michigan resident. We had a signed statement from Rachel indicating she was his landlord as he will be staying at her house. This document was debated but finally accepted, but the employment verification with Steelman Brothers Construction was not. Elijah and I drove to the Benzie Secretary of State office because the Traverse City office always involves a 2 plus hour wait. The Benzie office is about a 22 mile drive but faster because of the shorter wait time. But that meant driving back to Traverse City, and opening a checking and savings account at the Credit Union to establish residence. The Credit Union did not require any proof of residency. They were happy to take Elijah’s word for it. Money talks! So with a print out from the Credit Union showing a Michigan residence, we drove back to the Benzie SOS office, and successfully secured a driver’s license for Elijah. A very long day for Elijah, and after returning to Granny’s house, he went to bed, and I have not seen him since. I guess I should check to make sure he is still with us!

Saturday is Zander’s last game of the season and he plays at West Middle school against the Titans. The last time they played the Titans Zander’s team lost but only because two Packer kicks were not successful so today’s game should prove exciting.

For now, bragging Granny signing off!

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  1. What an impressive season both on the field and on “goodnight journal”. Granny did an amazing job depicting the games and we are so lucky to have her in our lives and take the time to do this. We’re going to miss her at the play off game/s but as long as she doesn’t call and brag about the sunshine and nice weather in Arizona we’ll let her head west. I also want to thank everyone who came to games, tailgates, read the blogs, and rooted for the Trojans. It’s been a fun and exciting 2015 thus far! On Sunday the team will be meeting at Peegeo’s to watch and learn who they play and when the first playoff game. Keep rooting for the Trojans.. it isn’t over yet! Love, Rachel and Randy

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