It’s no science fiction
Perhaps it’s gone far beyond our comprehension
It’s been happening too long
A lot has gone really wrong

Some may still think it’s way too bad to be true
Would you still feel that way if it happened to you?
It’s a true horror
when layers of smoke have become the main cover

Can you still see
places once so lovely?
Now they’re ripped off their true, natural beauty
as greed has turned them ugly?

This is another slow, sadistic genocide
The higher powers pretend everything’s still alright
It’s more than just the media outcry
It’s the painful, public truth; there ain’t no lies

They’ll greet you: “Welcome to this Smoke Town.
We shall welcome you with more than just a frown.
Wear this mask, so you won’t choke.
Many have died already and this ain’t a joke!”


(Jakarta, 23/10/2015 – 7:00 pm)

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