When frustration hits

I have been spending over a week to get this plugin done. It just does simple thing allow people to write/manage their posts on front-end but some reason it is so hard to make. Everyday I felt so close to be done but today I didn’t feel like it at all. Well still got 2 more things to finish. However, I just can’t get this featured image working the way I want it to be working. After number of tries. the frustration finally hit me in the head. I guess it’s Friday! I will just stay away from it for the weekend. I’m not sure if I can just forget about it but I will try to refresh and recharge myself.

Rainy Friday. 8:18 PM at home and don’t really feel like doing anything. Except for updating othoo.com for the new cities to skate! I made a new friend in Spain who just gave me tons of information on cities in Europe have reoccurring skating events. So I’m gonna go update those.

Have a great Friday night and weekend everyone!

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