So just an update.. I’m tired not feeling well I’m very much exhausted achy and sore and my family once again I pissing me off.. Not in the mood for nonsense, my family apparently thinks because I just started working I must make a ton of money but I guess its impossible for someone to believe in me… I haven’t heard much from Ryan i guess hes busy.. Sucks I just felt like crying it out today, feels like he could’ve or might’ve been able to help… I had to beg my mom for my money (my paycheck goes to her acct sucks!!!) so I can buy gas, she doesn’t want to give me any money at all… I just want to leave – I honestly would leave to be with ryan right now but he wont or hasn’t gotten help… The person who keeps harassing me is saying he will never get help hes a cheater hes speaking and hanging out with other girls, I honestly dont know what to believe!! It is freaking ne out because something’s this person says is true and its like how’d u know that …god help me I’m going t9 bed goodnight

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