A lot to do about nothing to-day

For the first time in days we are both sat down in the front room watching tv and it is only half twoish; –  we have used up the cladding we have for the kitchen and now have to wait until we get some more money to buy the rest we need.

We are not fans of the colour we bought; I have my reservations anyway about it as I worry with it being plastic and in the kitchen, right – like the heat from the cooker.

Anyway, it’s nice to as I say to have all the tidying up done.  I seem to have a lot of things on the go and yet do zilch really.  Most of my time at the minute seems taken up with helping Beloved to do things, like when he did the tiling, fetching them while he put them up, holding the cladding for him to cut it.

I shall have to get a move on! Anyway Beloved Husband is okay to-day;  one of his tablets is being upped so thats good; but as for breathlessness and even being down, thats all okay to-day, not a problem, yehhhh

Alls well in planet Beloved.


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