I’m Sorry…

I mean, I suppose.  I was grounded AGAIN for cursing on the internet.  I was just going to let my feelings out in a journal when my mom looked at my screen.  I still don’t see it the way they do… they think I’m becoming white trash… honestly, I couldn’t be any worse than them, right?  I mean, they curse much more than I do and they can’t even control their own mouth’s in real life as well as I can.  I haven’t said a single curse word outside the internet because I have just enough self control.  So I only do it online, where only my friends see.  They never cared because I use it to express myself when “darn” and “dang” aren’t enough to make me feel better.  Doesn’t anyone else here understand my view on this?


By the way, that’s just a random picture of my legs in my favorite long socks.  They don’t care about the picture so it’s OK to show.

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