I am a 38 yr old mom of two boys ages 11 and 17.  My oldest has Autism. I am divorced from their dad and have an awesome boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have been together 7 years.

About 2 years ago I lost 87 pounds. It took me a few years to do it, but two years ago I reached the 87 pounds lost mark. My goal was to get to 100 lbs lost, but life got very stressful.. my classroom closed, I was in a car accident, my sister moved several states away, my mom had a heart attack and then had open heart surgery.. and a few other things. I ended up gaining a little here and there because I was no longer putting working out/eating right first. Over the last few years I have put back on all, but 25 pounds of what I had lost.

I am so discouraged because I felt so good about how far I had come! I worked my butt off for every single pound I’d lost.. I just want to turn things around and start losing again.. starting today 🙂

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