There’s first for everything, such as this.

Alrighty! this is my first journal ever, well at least here online. First and foremost, I’ll be keeping my identity and the people that I’ll be writing about online just for for privacy purposes. I might get carried away if write something and pour my heart out, at least when this get’s leaked not much can be done. Anyway, this weekend my family is out of town and I also have 3 day weekend (whoo!) I know! cool right?! So my boyfriend, let’s call him Daniel is staying here with me while my parents are gone and I’m loving it. I get to cook for him take care of him. It’s like we’re playing house in safe way (lol). So I cooked ribs on his first night and it surprisingly turned well, I’m so glad. on his second night, which is tonight I made stir-fry noodles, it wasn’t that bad but it was a bit too salty, well good thing is Daniel is so easy to please. So before I discovered, I used to write stuff down on my phone like on my notes app. and i liked it but I want something where I can really type with the keyboard and easily express my self. So far I’m liking it. Okay, I’ve decided to share this in public and maybe someone who’s reading my journal well maybe i don’t know enjoy it or maybe get inspired,because from time to time I might be throwing a piece of advice or maybe lessons I’v learned from my mistake and hopefully someone will learn from it. I just have to warn you though, I’m not writing a journal to become a professional writer so I don’t need to be criticized on how crappy my writing and grammar and indention or whatever. If you wanna read and be entertained, be my guest! other than that move along buddy. Anyway, I wanna share a little bit about myself. I would like to say I’m subtle kind of person. I don’t think I’m that complicated, I’d like to say I’m easy going. I’m also pretty open-minded but I’m sort of picky when it comes to people I wanna hang out with. you can say I have very limited friends but I’m not really sad about it, cause for I’d rather have few friends that are true than have a gazillion but are just there on your good times. I’m also foreign born, I grew up in a different country and up until I was 20 I moved here in the US with my twin younger brothers. So i’ve been here in the US for 3 years now. I also work at normal size practice and I am also going to school at the same time. If you have read my bio i wrote there that I am a normal person who has frustrations, and my biggest one right now is my schooling. I don’t know how many years I have left but I’m honestly not feeling it anymore. I know its hard to find a good paying job without a degree but i’m just so done right now. I wish I could find job that would pay me double of what I’m earning right now without going to school. I wanna be able to save up and pay off my car and buy a house. I really want to move out already and just concentrate on work.My boyfriend is such an inspiration for me, he didn’t go to college but he had a nice paying job although it’s not an office job but it seriously pays good money if only I was earning as much as he is I’d probably have saved up a ton by now and had gone house hunting. Anyway I know my time will come, I’m just going to have gain experience in this practice I’m working at and then move to a bigger and a more nice paying job. I’ve told Daniel before that if we get married I have to work or it will drive me crazy, but now that I’ve thought about it, I actually don’t be a housewife and take care of my boys (yes! boys! I want my kids to be boys). I’ll be preparing hot meals for my family all the time. do laundry and keep the house clean and comfy for them. But at the same time I don’t like the idea that it’s only my husband that is working his butt off, I also want to help. So I was also dreaming of opening a small restaurant or like a cafe, just to keep the money flowing. But anyway those are dreams that may or may not come true depending on the situation. I just have to remember is not to stress my self of what tomorrow brings, I’m just gonna have to concentrate on what’s right now cause what I’ll be doing today will reflect what will happen tomorrow. 


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