Think about last night zena

Seeing zena was wonderful  !! Last night I love buying her weed like I have never  done that for any one but zena is special  to she a great friend. Also I’m secretly in love with her .Just being around her changes my wold I don’t think about my anxiety  or depression  .Come to find out she has depression  I never thought  a gorgeous girl like her would be going thro shit to in life .But last night I’m her car she told me she want to go skydiving with me I would pay for her jump but I can’t  afford  it $$😕💔 . I Should rob a bank 😉 na I fuck around  and get caught  .End up in prison  shit people  tell me I have a big ass though  mother fuckers  would have a filed  day with me !!!! .No I’ll just get a part time job so I cam have extra money  to take my friend  zena out

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