Where did this come from?

So last night he was in my dream. It wasn’t a dream I’ve ever had before. I couldn’t get away from him, he wouldn’t leave me alone. He always appeared from behind me, hugging me and when I turned I would realise who it was. The other people were current friends who had never met him and heard very little about him. So why was he there? I don’t understand – past mixing with current. I want past in the past. I want to forget those 5 years as if they never happened. There can be a blank, just nothing. I don’t care, I want there to be nothing. I don’t understand where this dream came from. I know I said he was irreplaceable but he is, he has been. There are no feelings for him, no love, no desire to see him – NO NOTHING!!!! So what the actual fuck is this?! I don’t like it, I hate it, go away, get your hands off me!! Leave me alone!!

One thought on “Where did this come from?”

  1. BlueEyes: It may be that “he” actually is something else, some other unfinished business that is plaguing you right now. Your brain may not be operating in what you would recognize as a logical straight line. Is there something you’re struggling to fix or resolve or make a decision about? Something causing you stress?

    Or it may be that “he” is unfinished business, even though you’re feeling like he’s gone from your heart and your life. Sometimes we bury feelings so deep it feels like they don’t exist.

    Good luck. I hope he leaves your dreams alone soon.

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