positive begets positive…so positive I will be. A is here, I was hoping for one morning alone. I’m sure he will go to bed. We hope. B wants to come home, I’m hoping he can ride back with L. Of course I’m going to be upset if he can’t. He’s going to be the death of me…He’s gotta get it together. He stresses me to the max…he reminds me of his father sooo much. I managed to keep j at bay…he’s relentless. I’m confused as to how these grown men think….I’m ME I’m not L. Just because it works for them doesn’t mean it does for me. They can certainly do what they wish….and evidently its not even working for them. J wants a divorce and shes not happy. She wants whoever is giving her the most attention. I get needing it…but EVERYTHING is not about you. I’m sooo different . I totally love making my home nice..I enjoy cooking , not a crock pot meal…and they are great every once in awhile. Nothing homey about here. But again…that’s ok for her. However, I’m only one person. I can’t do it ALL…I can try…but I’m going to fail. Nothing new there either. Ok …enough for now…I need to get the laundry going and try to clean before I have to STOP and get ready for work. He’s sleeping …so I must be very quiet…I seen the Mr. Last night….mmmmm. I can’t help it …I love the way that man feels, how he makes me feel. My daddy o…mmmm mmmm Mmm….smiling.

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