Age does not define ignorance.

I may be young, but I consider that I have been through enough to be able to have an opinion on what I believe relationships should be based off of. What I believe love is all about. What I think life should be/ or is about. My age does not amount to my mental state.  And sometimes your age doesn’t always have to do with the extent of your experiences. Sometimes people experience more earlier than others.

Just because I’m 19 years old does not mean anything.

Just because I’m 19 does not mean you have any right to tell me what I have or have not experienced.  Or what I have yet to experience.

It does not mean I do not know what challenges I could face in the future. It does not mean I don’t understand.

Instead of looking at how old I am, look at the person I am. Look at how I am.

It is said that a wise person learns from their mistakes, an even wiser person learns from the mistakes of others.  And that makes a lot of sense. I’ve considered myself an observer, but to admit myself being wise would be vain. Everyone can have idiotic days.

However, Age does not define ignorance.

I have met throughout my life, very young children more knowledgeable than their elders, their peers. Been through and learned so much beyond their years. However, I’ve met young people that proved that wrong. I’ve met ignorant adults and wise adults. It’s not always so black and white.

So the conclusion I theory to be, it is perspective that can define ignorance. How someone chooses to analyze the world around them and how they apply their experiences to themselves. How they grow from it. It is not always age.






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