DAY THIRTEEN: Taphephobia

“Kill your health and kill yourself, and kill everything you love. And if you live you can fall to pieces, and suffer with my ghost…”

Soundgarden – Burden In My Hand


Slight delay…

Some dreams I had:

Lost somewhere in Moulsecoomb(?). Under sheets/duvets on a pavement, like a homeless person, with BK transforming into MM. BK was not receptive, MM was.

Attempting to dive from a kitchen counter onto an opponent through a table… wrestling. Too many pans on surface. My favourite wrestler waiting for a surprise attack in a cabinet. Work colleague made me stop for fear of her having a panic attack… she was shaking.

Last night – on a giant cruise ship, looking for a loo. Chaotic, lots of people. Not sure if there was anyone there I knew.


Taphephobia: an abnormal fear of being buried alive.

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