Feelings and Rejections (Just Normal Relationship Status Stuff)

My friend is still shipping (wanting me to be in a relationship with) my friend, Carl.  I’m not sure I quite feel that way anymore but she wants it soooo bad and no he wants it too.  Now she’s writing fanfiction about us… and I think he really likes me.  I’m not exactly sure of my feelings and  don’t want to break his heart.

Now one of my female friends is against it.  But that’s only because she likes me.  I know because she wrote it on her hand.  I’m not sure about how I feel about her either since I am Bicurious and I usually fall for guys.  She’s Bisexual and I guess Carl scares her.  I don’t want to hurt either of them.  I think for now I just want to be friends.  But they’re both so sensitive…

Actually, I think I may want to identify as Heteroflexible.  Yes, that’s a thing.  And here’s the unofficial flag!

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