Where are the trustworthy friends?

Recently I’ve been completely excluded from the group of girls I’m close with and hang out with, one of the girls is now my ex best-friend who i had really amazing times with, but that all ended when we got into a scruffle on Facebook about my stolen $130 hair extensions, that her gay brother took off her when she had borrowed them for the day. I feel so stupid, how could I trust her with my belongings, why would I do that? I know that they’re just hair-extensions, but she’s had them for months! and her brother pretty much ran off wearing them without even asking, if he asked I would of at least appreciated that, but he didn’t, and now my 8 year friendship with my ex best-friend is ruined because of him. But that’s not the point, they shouldn’t have been taken to begin with.

I have always had her back from day 1 and have been the most loyal friend you could want and ask for, I’ve always supported her in relationships, never had a bad thing to say about her, but now I feel she’s taken advantage of me completely and she’s ditched me for the other girls in our little group, and I haven’t even heard from them either, It hurts seeing them posting daily hangout photos on facebook without including me, and its very hard to find good people, and when we do find them we hold onto them, but at this very stage I feel like I don’t even care anymore, I feel as if I don’t want them in my life anymore because I’m so over all the drama and the bullshit!

I had the worst friends growing up,  I never had trustworthy friends, even had girlfriends that have stolen from me and have insulted myself and my family, I could never forgive them if I wanted to, to me my family is my everything and the reason I am alive today, and to me that’s all I need, feel I’m at this stage where I feel I don’t need friends, or at least have some loyal ones! :/

2 thoughts on “Where are the trustworthy friends?”

  1. it sucks when you lose friends . but sometimes something little like the hair extentions thing , opens your eyes to what kind of person she really is .
    and once you take a step back and start looking at her not as your bestfriend but as a person you realize that she’s actually not a good person at all .
    you might get back to talking sooner or later… if you do try to not forget this , and if you dont it’s not the end of the world finding good friends is hard but you will at some point meet other people who are good to you …
    this part , being the one who isalone and seeing them together is the worse part , try not to feel bad .
    and i hope everything works for you , good luck stranger xo

  2. I agree with you 110%! It’s good to not be the only one coping with this alone, its good to hear other opinions too because sometimes it does open your eyes and make you realise what kind of friends you have, thanks so much xx

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