I’ve never written anonymously to the 79592 people who supposedly frequent this site.

It’s a strange feeling writing on here. It feels like I’m flying with paper wings. I say paper wings because it’s that constant fear of falling. Or in this case, someone finding out who I am. Perhaps my family, or my boyfriend?

I change little details about myself everyday and I don’t consider that to be lying, but when I do it here, it begs the question; If I’m lying about all these little details of my life, will it truly help me to better understand myself or will I become distant with my own personality?

I’m not a very imaginative person, so this journal ideas and rearranging the names will be a tricky process nonetheless.

But I ask myself, how can I be truly honest about the facts if I say my favourite colour is Magnolia or Blue. I can’t, really, can I?

But I start as I mean to go on.

My name is Lucy.

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