Deja Vu.

And it happens again.

I’m so sick of getting my heart broken. This is exactly what happened the first time and I let it happen again.

She had no right playing me along, wasting both our times with the mushy shit. The texting, the skyping; our never-ending conversations, full of laughter and joy. She fucked me over like I was nothing and then played it off like it was nothing. “There’s nothing wrong with you but I just don’t think I like girls anymore”.. How tf do feelings disappear in a couple of days? We got close and shared shit that I don’t share with people, we did couple shit, and this how you do me?


Very first relationship- Girl decided she doesn’t like girls anymore.. 
This one- She doesn’t think she likes girls anymore

Wtf is wrong with me? Is it me though? Is everyone just passing through a phase? When will mine end? Is this a phase too? Why are my feelings so strong? Am I in love this time? Why’d this have to happen again? Is this a sign? Hetero or forever alone? 


I’m so done with this. I can’t bear being hurt like that again.. Not another time. My tears don’t fix or change anything so why do I keep wasting them?




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