#LoveMe Challenge Day Twenty-Eight

What have You learned this 28 days

So here I am…28 days later…it’s weird to think I’ve made it to the last day of the #LoveMe Challenge…doesn’t seem that long ago that I cried myself to sleep and thought ‘What the hell is happening to me?’. Truth be told it will be strange not to have this motivation behind me to think about during my day, it’s given me a bit of focus, something to force my attention to, something that is just for me. I will keep my journal and write in it whenever I want to, it has helped to relax me. So much so that some nights I’ve fallen asleep while typing…so that is a good thing I think. I am sleeping well at the moment (apart from the dream the other night), one of the best things I’ve done is buy my Fitbit. The silent vibrating alarm waking me up in the morning is like nothing else. It’s so lovely to be woken gently instead of being jolted out of sleep by the sound of a blaring alarm. I’ve learned something new to relax me – meditation. It doesn’t work all the time but that’s ok…I need to have lots of things I can try. It will still be a work in progress but I’m going to try really hard to write positive things as well as the not so positive things in my journal. Goodbye #LoveMe Challenge….

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