My Friend’s Grandma Hates Me!!!

Well, maybe not yet.  She barely knows me as well as my friend does and she still judges me.

Me and my friend, Becca, were planning our time on Halloween.  My friend Carl was going to join us too.  Now it will only be me and Carl.  Becca’s grandma doesn’t trust me because I’m 16 and thinks I’ll flirt with Carl.  She also thinks Carl will rape Becca because he’s a boy.  Now she’s only OK with us if an adult is around.  Needless to say, now my mom is pissed… and I like Becca but I don’t understand why her grandma would be like that towards Carl and I.  Carl may be clingy, but he’s really nice.  And I don’t flirt.  Period.

At least I still have someone to trade candies with…

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