The funk is trying to take me over again.

I am usually in an unhappy, moody funk more often than I am happy. I don’t know why. A chemical imbalance maybe? I tried the Thrive thing people are swearing by. There were a lot of testimonials saying how energetic and happy they have felt since starting it. 60 days later and over $300 down the drain and I felt no change. I decided to get my thyroid checked and it was fine. It was around the time of the doctors visit that I seemed to snap out of it. I was happy and content for almost two entire months. Then this past Saturday, I started noticing the funk slowly invading my mood again. I was the last one to wake and the first thing said to me was “what’s for breakfast”. Since then, I have been playing situations out in my head where I am yelling at my boyfriend to help me more around the house. But it’s not just in my head that he isn’t helping around the house, he really isn’t helping around the house. I am getting angry with him for making me do everything. I get angrier as the hours go by and I am cleaning the house while he is watching TV. He said he needs some time to “wake up”, but does it really take 4 hours to wake up?!?! I get it that as soon as my feet hit the floor I am making everyone breakfast and cleaning and he needs time to fully wake up. But how can he sit there knowing I am cleaning up after everyone, washing everyone’s clothes, cleaning up messes we all contributed to, and be OK with watching tv? He doesn’t budge. Doesn’t even blink an eye. I couldn’t do that. I have tried to sit and do nothing while he works on something and I cant. I just cant sit there being lazy while he works. It doesn’t feel right. If he is out mowing the lawn (which he did twice this summer, I mowed it all the other times) I feel I should be up working too.

I called him today to remind him of some things he needs to take care of since he has the day off. His things by the way. Like, the last sheet of paper that he needs to sign so that his divorce can be finalized. TWO checks that need to be written to pay HIS bills that he has been putting off. Why can’t he just write the friggin’ checks already? WTF?? Clearly I am getting angrier as I write this. I just don’t get it! But back to the real subject of this entry. My mood. Him not taking care of his financial responsibilities shouldn’t affect me this way. I shouldn’t let it. But it is building up inside.

It’s time I have a chat with him or else the funk will take me over. Or will it? I am still trying to figure out what causes it. I just don’t want to be unhappy again 🙁

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  1. He’s the one who is making you unhappy . it’s so obvious! Its a mix of what he does and what he doesnt that makes you feel bad. You are not a robet you csnt simply decide to not let certain things bug you .
    Him not taking care of his papers and bills shows that he’s not what i would describe as a responsible person , and you know that he is not .
    And then there id the not doing anything around the house so he’s kind of a lazy person.
    And he doesnt mind you taking care of everything and being tired because you’re the only one who does, and that only shows that he doesnt care about you . dont get me wrong he can love you to death , but not care .
    He probably doesnt see you as the one who is holding everything together , he probably sees you as someone who is always on his back always complaining always picking up fights .
    He wont suddenly out of no where change. He wont wake up one day and become responsible and more helpful around the house , and you wont stop caring and you wont be able to not get mad anymore… You dont have a big choice, I’d say communicat with him . talk things out . dont simpky ask him but demand that he helps that he steps out of his laziness and help you around because he cant expect you to always be there cleaning after him and cooking for him and making his life easier forever . talk to him . and tell us how will that turn out . i hope you have a great day\night

  2. I appreciate the time you put into that lengthy response! He has been asking me what is wrong with me lately. He can sense something is on my mind…I don’t hide it very well. And I want to tell him, but I know what he is going to say. “I work really hard at work and when I get home, I don’t want to be put back to work”. Well, when we have his kids, I get off from work, pick them up, help with homework, cook dinner and clean up and I might not be done with that until 8:00. At that point, I have put in a 12 hour day. He might try to agree to help out more. But I have been through this with him many times before. On his days off, he barely cleans up anything around the house. It might take me 20 minutes to pick up everything around the house, but it takes him an hour because he gets so distracted. When I ask him to do anything, he thinks it’s going to take all day. Like the signature and two checks. He said it was going to take him an hour to do that…I will see if talking to him will change anything…this time.

  3. Well, I tried to text him about it. I know, I shouldn’t have texted, but I knew it wasn’t going to end well and at least over text, I am given time to respond. He started putting words in my mouth and turning it around on me making me the bad guy. I don’t know what else to do. Somehow I accused him of being lazy, no good and worthless. That is what he took from it.

  4. He’s a man , and all men are like that , they hear the parts they want to hear from what you say .
    You can complain for 30minutes about what he does wrong and just call him lazy once and he’s respond will only be based on you calling him lazy and how dare you do such thing …

    Its cool that he works hard all day but that doesnt mean that being off work neans being on a vacation .
    Work is work , and family life is somethibg else .
    The excuse of him working all day thats why he doesnt help you is invalid. He’s not the only guy on earth who works , some guys have two jobs but help their girlfriend\wife at home .
    According to him if you werent there how would he live? He wont cook ? He wont clean ? Because he worked all day!
    He’s arguments are just lame excuses .
    I wish if i could give you an advice or tell you how to change him , but I’m afraid i cant . he is wrong but he is convinced that he is right and that you are the bad one who is asking too much from him .
    I’m sorry you are dealing with someone like him .
    Try to not get mad because it will only effect you , try to have cold blood when it comes to dealing with him .
    And whenever he gets on your nerves write about it , get that anger out of your system by writting it down . there is nothing worse than holding feelings in , especially anger. Although I’m pretty sure most of the time you are more disappointed in him than angry. Some guys are real jerks they treat us like if we are asking them to bring us the moon , when all we asked for is to make the bed or do the dishes once in a while , and I’m sorry you’re dealing with a guy who is like that .

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