Entry 1 : Destiny?

Entry 1 : Destiny?
Often times, I wonder if everything that happens to us has been destined for us. Perhaps that job opportunity was missed last year due to something more than a crappy resumè. What if you falling down the stairs and breaking your leg last summer was a lesson instead of a complete catastrophe. Perhaps we should look at things with a different perspective. Do all things truly happen for a reason? Or is that merely our way of consoling ourselves to adapt to the failures that we endure in life. What do you think?
In my opinion, I feel that sometimes not all things happen because of destiny, sometimes things just don’t work out well due to our mere incompetence. However, how deal with our failures reflects on our inner strength and capacity to overcome life’s hurdles. By mentally “tricking” our minds to perceive failures as destines that have been fabricated by celestial powers, we feel more contented and less upset. Thus, this alters our psyche and allows us to be more optimistic as well as keep being motivated. So, do destines really determine our life ? Ponder on it.

I would like to thank my editors : Syazwan and Nabilah Z.

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