Entry 7

Entry 7 – 10/24/15

18:37 – in my room

Guess what ? I was worried for nothing. Anyways, I did most of my work but I’m going to continue just to be sure.

My life is a bit of a mess right now. My dad got angry again last night. Mum cried. My brother got mad. And I locked myself in my room. It feels weird writing that. I mean, I never said that to anyone, not even my best friends. In 11 years that I’ve known them, I have never had the courage to go to them and say : guys, my family is a mess ad my dad has serious anger management problems. And he use to drink to much. And he smoked too. But that was before the accident.

Ok. How to put this ? One day, just after school ended, I went, like every year, to C’s famous family barbecue where they basically invite the whole town. It’s the best. I’ve always loved it. Unfortunately, they stopped doing it these past two years because of the fire. Yeah, they’re houses burned down two years ago but that’s another story. Anyways, I came at the barbecue with a friend of mine and my parents were suppose to come mater because they’re pretty close to C’s parents. So I was at the barbecue and saw my mother running in and grabbing C’s mom to talk to her. And then she ran off. I think I was about 9 or 10 and I was really confused. I mean, she didn’t ever talk to me and just left ? So I ran after her and asked her what was wrong. When she turned, her eyes were really puffy and her face was all red. Of course, when I asked her if she was crying she just said “no sweety, but I just can’t stay, I’ll pick you up later”.  And she left. At the time, being sad wasn’t really my problem and I have to admit she was pretty good at hiding her tears, so I just went to play with my friends. And that’s when it got weird. After a few hours, everyone started going home and I was still there. I even helped to clean up. When I asked C’s dad what was up, he just looked at me with puppy dog eyes and said my mom asked them to keep an eye on me for a few more hours. I didn’t ask any questions. I was pretty happy to be able to play some more with C. If only I knew the mess I was about to get home too.

My mom picked me up 4 hours after the barbecue had ended. My dad just had a stroke. Yep, I was nine. I mean, he had every criteria : he smoked a lot, drank a lot, ate a lot, he had high tension, etc.

Can’t finnish now. My brother’s coming in. Finnish later.

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