It hurts

Everyday i choose to wake up i choose to drag myself out of bed and brush my teeth choose to get dressed choose to go to school and do my work and then come home to my family that is all stuff i choose to do Sometimes i wish i could choose to end the suffering and pain in life just so i can be happy for once and not hurt. Alot of people act like they know what its feels like and what im talking about but they  dont and prolly will never understand me and what im talking about untill they walk a lifetime in my shoes.

2 thoughts on “It hurts”

  1. No one knows how anyone is going through even if they lived the same thing or experienced the same stuff . but we all have problems of our own … Life is hard and i personally keep waiting for it to get better but it still hasnt , and the obly reason why im still alive id because i still have sa little bit of hope that maybe one day , next week or in 20 years my life will get better and all the things i went through will be worth it . try to think moreblike me . try to be optimistic evrn when you feel like dying . and keep in mind that you are a surviver and a strong person because it takes a lot if strength to get out of bed everyday and to live like if you are fine , it takes a lot of strength. Keep holding on and maybe in the futur all of this will only turn out to be a bad chapter of a good life . good luck stranger xo

  2. I donnow what ur talking bout but dont b sad everyone’s got problems and life goes on u know just try to b positive and see life from another angle. I wish i could help u

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