lazy girl life

MY life is so mush easier than everyone’s!

I wake up late EVERYDAY, take my breakfast at 13:00 and go to school, and after i come home i eat and watch tv basicly all night long and then re-do everything all over again! Isn’t that borring?

For the info, i feel insecure. First,because of my acne that refuses to go away and second,i’m a bit fat and i hate going on diets cuz i love eating.

I am a 20years old lazy girl that cant do anything on her own isn’t that embarassing?!

Im afraid of dating guys during school cuz i dont wanna commit or love so i can be hurt later, i only date in summer cuz ya know cant b serious on summer 😉

Im moroccan and i wish i could b american or at least go to america someday.weird i know

Im just so thankfull for thr life i have and if u read this and ur like me let me know how u feel.

One thought on “lazy girl life”

  1. Your life is not that uneventful as mine, dear. I’m 22 year old male and haven’t dated for ages. I’m a too thin dude and can’t find a way to build muscles. I watch TV all the time also. Btw, which TV shows you watch?
    And about your being fat, TRUST ME, it’s not that bad as being thin. I just weigh 46 Kgs for a 22 year old.
    It’s sucks for me. Even GYM doesn’t work for me.
    But tell me one thing, are girls interested in thin guys there in Morocco?

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