To move on, or to not move on..

Okay so recently I received a Facebook message from my now ex best-friend, saying that she hopes I’m doing well, and that she wishes to catch up soon for a coffee or something. But after all she’s caused, is it really worth continuing this relationship, and now I cant help but feel a bit guilty after seeing her nice message, but at the same time I feel like she feels useless without me, and she’s just trying to get me back because she finally realises what she’s lost. She can be manipulative sometimes, and most times she gets a bit defensive with me for no apparent reason at all.  I strongly feel as if she’s trying to compete with me most times, and she’s stated that we have the same fashion sense, and that I get it from her, which is a load of crap because my fashion sense ranges from different styles, and not everyone likes the same things!

I received another Facebook message last night, from one of the girls I grew really close with also, who I strongly now dislike because I feel I’m being excluded from their little pack, and only just heard from the both of them last-night! She had inboxed me saying “I miss you” with a sad emoji, but I’m not sure if I even want to reconcile, the damage is done already, and I’m already starting to move on. We were meant to hang out but she never even asked, I feel like they just want me whenever they feel like it. Still haven’t heard from the 3rd girl yet, which is pretty shocking because I thought they were genuine girls I could trust and fall back on.


~I’m the third girl, my best-friends the far left.

2 thoughts on “To move on, or to not move on..”

  1. I cant know what is on her mind and if she’s really sorry or just bored without you . but she made a step , and that’s something , that probably wasnt easy for her to do .
    I know you were hurt , but is it really worth losing your bestfriend over?
    I say give her\them a chance but dont forget what happend , i mean have them as friends but maybe dont be super close to them until you feel they have won your trust back .

  2. I agree … I wish my friends in the past would have apologized …

    Now it is years down the road and awkwardly avoiding each other when we see one another.

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